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YouNoodle was built upon the dream of leveling the global playing field for startups. Rebeca Hwang and Torsten Kolind co-founded the company in 2010, as they both came from other emerging startup ecosystems (Europe and Latin America) and wanted to open Silicon Valley’s doors to the most promising startups around the world. Today, the company has distributed over $100m in cash grants to thousands of founders, using best-practice selection principles and transparency. The YouNoodle Compete platform has been used by thousands of startup programs, and is a household name in founder-to-founder conversations. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, and run by an eclectic and diverse team of Noodlers across 3 continents.
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YouNoodle is built on diversity, equality and transparency. Co-founded with a 50/50 gender split, we live and breathe these values everyday. Our team consists of 10 different nationalities and we speak 17 different languages.