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PwC’s Vision to Reality Awards program celebrates and brings together an ecosystem of Canada’s most forward-thinking and innovative organizations, including both startups and established organizations. The V2R program is about recognizing the hard work and creativity needed to turn a vision into reality, driving Canada to new heights.
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PWC Vision to reality

Applicants can apply to one of four categories for the program - The Visionary, Builder, Reinventor, and the Accelerator, for startups, mid-market organizations, large enterprises and public sector organizations, respectively. The V2R program has proven to offer benefits such as recognition for your organizations efforts, exposure of your brand, a community of individuals who share the same drive and sharing your legacy serving as an inspiration for others. PwC utilizes the custom features of YouNoodle Compete to create a bespoke platform embedded on their website. Conditional logic or dynamic fields are utilized to host multiple application processes on the page. In addition, a YouNoodle Program Manager works closely with PwC for end-to-end support, from set-up to final selection.
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