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Over the last three years, has contributed to improving destinations allover the world by volunteering time and expertise through their Booking Cares Volunteer Programme. 15,000+ employees have partnered with local organizations that are working on sustainable tourism initiatives all across the globe. Booking Booster has been a natural continuation of this path for the team and a unique occasion to make’s expertise available to today’s most promising startups that can shape the future of the tourism industry.
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Booking Booster is a three-week, accelerator program in Amsterdam and 2 million euro fund to help startups scale. Each year, 10 startups are invited to the headquarters, and are connected directly to experts and mentors who help startups learn about scaling their business, and growing and measuring their impact. In addition, each startup has the opportunity to pitch to a final jury for a grant between € 100,000 to 500,000.
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