powering the global startup revolution

YouNoodle lets you stand on the shoulders of giants. Harness the power of thousands of startups around the world to reinvigorate companies, economies, or academic powerhouses. True innovation comes when everyone is involved and invested, and YouNoodle Compete is your trusted platform to orchestrate change at scale.
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what we believe in

We believe entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, universities, and governments all have a role in building tomorrow's entrepreneurial society

startups and their founding teams will become a key component of our economy.

investors will power the ecosystem by allocating resources to where the most value is created, and thereby where the best returns are made, which may often be outside of their current networks.

corporations will increasingly shift internal processes to external providers, in order to achieve efficiency and flexibility in rapidly moving markets.

universities will open up their knowledge powerhouses to co-creation, but should continue to ask the right questions.

governments will set the rules of the game, and provide long-term incentives for growth and innovation, on transparent and competitive terms.

what makes us different


data driven technology

Rely on thousands of experts' prior assessment in both outreach and engagement of the most valuable technology startups

human intelligence

YouNoodle is not an algorithm. It is a collection of human assessments of startups all around the world, and you tap into it seamlessly through YouNoodle Compete

simple and intuitive design

Constant iterations based on user and client input has honed YouNoodle Compete as the operational management platform it is today

real time insights

Don't wait until after your campaign is over to assess the impact of your outreach/marketing efforts. YouNoodle Compete gives you real-time insights as applications come in.

focus on business impact

Succeeding with startups and technologies inside large organizations is hard. YouNoodle lets you engage executives and managers in the evaluation process, thereby building an affinity to startup adoption and integration.

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backed by research

Governments, foundations, and other organizations are routinely supporting startups and entrepreneurs with both financial and in-kind resources. But do their efforts actually make a difference on future success of those startups?

Geoffrey Barrows from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris examines over 20,000 startups (in an anonymized data set), which have passed through structured evaluation processes on the YouNoodle platform. The team examines the relationship between evaluation and future success of a startup by correlating future outcome metrics (alive, successful, funding, employees, etc) and tying them back to their original evaluations.



per job

Startup grant winners generate one new job per $9,000 received



If a startup wins a $10,000 grant, they raise a further $100,000



In grants and prizes studied, across 2870 startup grant winners


higher survival

Startups winning grants are 64% more likely to survive



Is how long the impact lasts for a winning startup



Startups wining grants show 3x better success metrics

key takeaways

  1. Startup grant programs work, but only if the selection process is structured and unbiased, and the funds are distributed over the right number of startups.
  2. A typical grant/prize (average $26k on YouNoodle) generates approx 10x as much in funding ($260k)
    later in that startup's life, compared to similar startups not selected for those grants.
  3. If the program organizers deviate from the structured distributed external evaluation format (global best practice) and partly choose their own winners based on intuition, the study finds a significantly lower impact of the grants or resources distributed.